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Sunday, 5 January 2014

UCAS Admission and Students DISCOMFITURE

University application webchat with Ucas and Lancaster University here at ten.30am till twelve on weekday Jan nine.

The Ucas application deadline is drawing near. By 6pm on Jan fifteen, applications for the majority of courses ought to have arrived at Ucas, together with any references from academics.

It may be a nerve-wracking time. You've done your research, you've written and rewritten your personal statement such a lot of times you may recite the complete 4000 characters at interview, and you have fastidiously selected  the academics presumably to convey you a glowing character and educational reference.

But what next? perhaps you are disturbed concerning the chance of getting to prove your nerve in entrance tests, maybe you screwed up your personal statement in an inventive passion, figuratively speaking, and now got to draft another, or even you're simply having trouble navigating the appliance process.

If any of those worries are keeping you awake in the dark – or maybe mild concern – make certain you note January 9 at 10.30am in your diary, once The Telegraph are going to be hosting a live university application webchat with Ucas and wife Heron, Head of Student achievement at Lancaster University.

 Don’t follow advice blindly when you’re choosing a course
Ultimately a university degree is three or four years of your (young) life and therefore there’s no use in risking dissatisfaction and the chance of chucking up the sponge because you’ve chosen a theme that simply doesn’t inspire you.
Many times students very confused to filling up the Ucas application form that why Navtej Kohli s urging the student read the online guidelines carefully before applying

Too many of us let themselves be passively steered towards a course, be it by parents or teachers, seemed to offer them the most effective chance of a cushty future but always remember, passion for a subject tends to breed the good results that employers look for.

Do your research
Just like courses, sure area unitas are additional suited to specific folks. deem whether it’s the intense lights of a bustling city like London or Manchester that you’re yearning for, or whether or not you’d be easier within the homely pubs of a smaller town or city wherever you may master the lie of the land in no time.

Don’t fret too a lot of concerning the fees
£9,000 a year may seem pretty unpalatable now but the reality is that it’s a very low-interest loan that you’ll start to pay back only when you are earning above a certain amount, presently standing at £21,000.

It’s always getting to be a price worth paying if you’re driving your life within the direction you wish it to travel.

University applications by kingdom students have born by a hundred and twenty fifth from 264,860 at now last year to 263,460, in keeping with latest figures released by Ucas. Overall 303,750 folks submitted university applications by sixteen Dec 2013. Updated figures are going to be proclaimed when the ultimate Ucas point on fifteen Jan.

The interim figures show that there has been a forty five dip in applications from European nation and applications in European country remained round the same on fourteen,110. There has been a two rise in candidates from Wales and a five-hitter rise in applications from outside the EU.
Navtej Kohli Career development center India wants to give warm wishes to the students and hoping their admission in the UCAS.

Ucas said: "We area unit still per week and a 0.5 aloof from the fifteen Jan point. A clearer picture will emerge once we publish an in depth analysis at the moment.

"Cycle-to-cycle comparisons in Dec may be notably littered with calendar effects like session dates and therefore the variety of days remaining till the fifteen Jan point."

The figures come just a month after George Osborne announced that the cap on the quantity of undergraduate students are going to be axed next year, in an attempt to strengthen the UK's long-run economic aggressiveness.

The university thinktank million+ has referred to as on the govt. to try and do additional to push the advantages of learning at university. Pam Tatlow, its chief executive, said: "While several students can have enjoyed time over the Christmas break engaged on personal statements it's clear that the speed of applications to date is below in 2013.

"If ministers are serious about expanding opportunities and reaping the economic and social benefits of raising participation, then they have to try and do way more than fund additional student numbers."

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