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Monday, 30 April 2012

Navtej kohli CDC India Online Marketing Jobs

Navtej Kohli Career Development Center always brings latest career advices and trends of the jobs market. The aim is to provide best online career counseling as well as a road map to young scholars . In the sequence of various industries Navtej kohli CDC going to describe Online Marketing jobs and market growth .

Internet has emerged as one of the giant revolutions this world had ever seen. It has spread to
almost all spheres of life and had reached possible and seemingly impossible places. Internet acts as the fastest reaching mode and bridges the customer and providers’ relationship. The current method of marketing any product via internet is known as online marketing.  With the rising number of business houses incorporating this strategy, a remarkable surge in online marketing jobs has been noticed.  

According to Navtej kohli India online marketing jobs require some mix up of management skills as well outstanding technical skills .

Job description   
In simple words online marketing jobs are all about selling your product via internet. Marketing
executives take care of the brand image of the company. They also effectively manage the advertising unit of the company by incorporating various online tools. Online management of company profile by using tools of social media like twitter/ Facebook etc, Optimizing web content for better results in search engine searches, increasing the traffic to the website and regularly updating the social media profiles are some of the important functions of the online marketing executives.

The companies generally incorporate graduates and postgraduates in any field who possess excellent communication skills. Excellent knowledge of English is prerequisite. If, you are proficient in any foreign language then that is an advantage for you. A degree in marketing or relevant work experience will help you fetch a nice job. You must also be proficient in working with Microsoft tools. A regular update about the current trends in the market will help you sail smoothly through the selection procedure of any company.

Opportunity and remuneration
The online marketing jobs are in high demand and the trend is going to increase in the times to come. A marketing executive can earn anything between $17000- $50000. The remuneration increases with time and work experience.

Blogs, websites, social media presence and email mailing lists play a major role in shaping the face and future of the company. All these avenues have opened new platform as online marketing jobs. Those who are adept in modern technology can find a lucrative career in this field. 


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